Microalgae Solutions Team

Microalgae Solutions Team


At Biolab (our Plankton Laboratory) we have a phytoplankton strain bank.

From different geographical points around the world we bring wild seawater and freshwater to explore a plankton diversity.

Using extrict microbiological protocols, we isolate and cultivate phytoplankton strains.

We select the most profitable strains. If they meet the following characteristics:

  • Easy to growth,
  • symbiotic behavior with other species and
  • an adequate biochemical profile

Juan Pablo De la Roche Cadavid

Ph. D. Marine Biology and Aquaculture

Passionate about the small world, I have worked in plankton applications since 1995. By understanding how all living things are connected, we can guide revolutionary solutions for an ever-changing world.
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo

Pedro Luis Galán Gómez

MBA& Industrial Engineer

I consider myself a dream builder and a goal-oriented professional. Focus on making things happen to develop global solutions for today’s challenges.

Irene Cordón García

Laboratory Staff

Juan Pablo